I got the opportunity to visit Maui through a friend who was staying there with family for the summer. When she and her wonderful family invited me out … at first I wasn’t going to go ….. hahah jk! I couldn’t book my ticket fast enough! After all, when else was I going to get to take 1. a solo trip 2. to Hawaii and 3. with no cost for lodging . OMG!!!!

I hesitated to bring my camera but I knew I would kick myself if it didn’t. I was right! I didn’t take it everywhere with me but I grabbed it for The Road to Hana and on my last day there when I stumbled upon Makawao. I lucked out.

First up, the ever famous road to Hana. Here is a good feel of the tight quarters of the road, some sights and my awesome tour guide/expert driver, Stazz (short for Anastassia. She’ll be mentioned a lot and you’ll start to wonder).

The first true stop was The Garden of Eden. You pay $15 bucks a person to get in and we went in even though our audio tour guide said not to. We should have listened. Though beautiful, there are plenty of amazing sights just like it that are free. If you get the chance to go … pass. I did take some photos while inside which seemed to justify the number of mosquito bites I scratched for the next week. Oh yeah… I’ll make a list below but ill tell you now… take bug spray. Bathe in all the deet.

Along the way you drive past little spots to grab lunch. Taco trucks, huts and the like. Thanks to our audio tour guide (the Gypsy Guide App) we were guided to a really awesome spot with a ton of trucks. We stopped to check it out. Fresh juice, tacos and COCONUT SHRIMP. I only got photos of the shrimp as we (Stazz) annihilated the others before there was a chance. The shrimp here was no joke - MUST LOVE COCONUT - The last photo is showing the scene from Jumanji which was Stazz attempting to get back into the car. Not sorry.

Next, my absolute favorite place on the entire journey. Haleakala National Park. It was very much the most beautiful slice of coast line Ive ever seen.

The way back was fast and furious in an attempt to beat the sunset. I drove (questionable decision) but Stazz kept the pictures going. #butdidyoudie?

So I’m going to break the Road to Hana into a list of things I learned:

  • It’s about the journey. Sounds cheesy, but leave your type A personality in Kahului….

  • The locals will run you over. Not really, but they drive these roads every day to get to and from their homes/work and likely get sick of the tourists. I can’t say I blame them. Just yield in general.

  • Take bug spray, sunscreen, towels, water, change of clothes, swim suit and cash.

The last day we went to Ho’okipa beach, known for the Sea Turtles and perused through Paia’s gift shops (I think this was the best spot for any souvenirs like t shirts and beach wear.) Then we made our way to the up country in Makawao.

AAAAAAANNNND last but not least……Here’s the iPhone reel - ENJOY!


I’ve been making a new habit of this when I share more personal blog posts on my travels. Travel to me is about seeing new places and filling whatever hole you need to at the time. It’s about me, a generally more private person, sharing a little more and being vulnerable. It’s for me, and for you, if you’ve made it this far on this massive post.

I went to Maui mostly to heal, surrender and work on accepting things that I can’t change. It’s about letting go of the residual fear that keeps ringing in my ears after the harsh realization that I can’t control or bargain with the things that happen in life. Maui truly delivered on all I was seeking. I was seeking fun too, dont worry. There was plenty of that. I also had some of the best conversations of my life. The ones that stick with you (#backwardshat) and are a reference when you need them. So many of these happened with my friend Kat and I’m truly so fortunate that I can continue to have these with her sister. It’s like she left bits and pieces behind for me to continue to get to know her through other people’s memories of her. I was delighted to share mine and spend time with her family on Maui to feel closer to her. I know she was smiling down seeing Stazz (her sister) and I having a blast being who we are and also taking the time help each other out where we needed. We have a bond that only our experiences of the past year can forge. I’m truly lucky. We are going to make it.

Stazz, thank you for everything. Dealing with my lack of heat tolerance ( I used to be cool, I swear), being a space case. You know the rest.

Leading Edge Live Event 2019

The inspiration behind Leading Edge Live hits home for me. When my dear friend Courtney McKlasky called me up and told me her vision for putting a room full of amazing women (and a couple men ;)) in a room and letting the magic happen, I was all in.

I knew this event was going to be powerful and change everyone in it. Little did I know it would change me too! I had the opportunity to meet, get to know and photograph some of the most inspiring individuals I have ever met. Authors, speakers, mothers, fathers, survivors, overcomers…. doers, all of it. I had no clue that I would find myself needing to be in that room as well! It was pure magic and more powerful than I could have ever expected. From the content to the invisible buzz of energy… I just loved this. It was a pleasure to be there to capture the moments. Here are a few highlights…

Ariel Naumann - Bio shoot

Sitting down to learn more about Ariel Naumann and her approach to the way she connects with and serves her clients was super inspiring. I love learning about my clients’ stories because it helps me derive a plan to visually represent who they are. It has never been more important to share with your clients who you are and connect with them on a more personal level. Build your own brand and give them YOU. Build trust before they step foot in your door.

My hope is that through these images you get a sense of how genuine, kind, and wiling to go the extra mile Ariel is.

Bio shoots go beyond head shots. We tailor the shoot to who your audience is and the media you’ll be using to reach them. Here are some highlights …

Learn more about headshots and bio shoots HERE.

Mossback Local Food

I love sharing shoots like this on the blog because I feel it gives future clients the opportunity to see what they are getting when they hire me. This goes more in depth than my online portfolio. The way I shoot a restaurant is to fully encompass the story. They beauty of the food, the chef creating the dishes, the feeling of the dining room etc. It has never been more important to have an online visual representation of your restaurant. It gives diners a look into what they can expect to experience and inspires them to book the reservation. The images must represent more than the subject matter.

Here is a selection of images that do just that. One shoot can supply all you need for visuals used on your website and other media.

White Lotus Farm part II - spring on the farm

Natalie and Niall of White Lotus Farm and Inn in Port Ludlow had me out to their farm to explore and capture spring on the farm. Natalie bakes delicious sourdough loaves and wanted me to come document her process for her future sourdough subscribers. They are as delicious as they are beautiful. After we got the bread in the oven we headed out to the farm to see the new lambs of the season and chase the wild range (literally) chickens.

I just love working with these great people and I truly value all that they bring to the local region. At the end of my visits here they send me home with a fresh bouquet of flowers, a loaf of bread and inspiration.

Here are a few highlights….

White Lotus Farm - Farmhouse Suite

To me, photographing a rental space for Air BNB or VRBO etc is about capturing the feeling of the space in addition to the functionality. I teamed up with White Lotus farm and inn to get all of their hard work documented and the visuals ready for their lodging to go live online to rent. It is an amazing space well designed and I can’t wait to stay here. Enjoy!

visit: for more information if you’re interested in staying here!

Arizona part II - Antelope Canyon/Grand Canyon

For the rest of our trip we decided to go for some big sights in the northern part of AZ. Fully equipped with a convertible and a tube of sunblock, we took off to see where the wind would take us.

First stop after the awesome drive from Sedona was Antelope Canyon. With no real plan, we opted for the upper antelope canyon where they load you up in massive trucks and guide you and tons of other people through the canyon. Let me be clear…. this is not a zen, quiet experience. The general vibe is that people are there in the masses to take photos. I was ok with that. It is what I was there for so who was I to say anything negative? The tour guides main info was how to change the settings on your iPhone to get the best quality images. Others shared historical and geological tidbits but for the most part people blocked that out anyway while trying to figure out their ISO settings.

Let me be clear….. I first thought I was going to eyeroll my way through the canyon, grab the bucket list images I wanted and move on knowing that I was knee deep in a tourist trap… BUT…..

There is a reason everyone takes the photos. Walking through this canyon is like a visual nirvana. The lines, textures, tones… all of it is a complete visual experience that you can’t help but try to snap. Your mind is constantly trying to make sense of the curves and lines and how to frame them. It was intense in a good way. I didn’t even notice the other people in the canyon snapping their photos because I was too bust trying to snap mine.

As we walked toward the center of the canyon it was really dark for that part of day. Photogs: If you don’t want to have to shoot at ISO 10000000000000000 …. it’s likely best to check when the sun’s angle is the best for light. If you’re really serious about the images you get I would recommend spending the extra $ on a photo tour. They walk these groups through the canyon and block off areas from people while you’re in that area. It was all a bit obnoxious but I can see the positives. They do not allow anything but a camera and 12 ounce bottle of water to come in the canyon with you for the gen pop crews. So if you want less grain in your images and time to set up a tri pod with no humans in the frame…. go for it (i’m not bitter, you’re bitter).

The experience was incredible and I’m so happy I did it. Here are some images from the canyon. Then we’ll move to the end of the trip….

After Antelope Canyon we had to make a tough decision between Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, or the Grand Canyon. Once we noticed Horseshoe Bend was going to take FOREVER because of a shuttle situation for construction we decided to floor it to the Grand Canyon for sunset. We knew we wouldn’t have time to properly experience all the Grand Canyon had to offer but I just needed to stand and look at it. This trip for me was about gaining a different perspective and I knew the Grand Canyon would do just that. It was truly incredible to see. Photos just don’t capture how…. grand …… it is. More unfinished business that I’m ok with having.

The icing on the cake … was after we left the park I walked out to a view point and took my favorite images of the trip.

The end of this day was spend over a greasy cheeseburger in Flagstaff. Two express bucket list experiences in one day takes it right out of you.

The last day we decided to have a spa day in Sedona (with my budget: spa hour) then head to Phoenix for dinner before our flight out. There aren’t any photos of that :) Just the absorption of the company and conversation around me that I dreaded parting with. Arizona, you have my heart for more reasons that I seem to be able to count. One of those reasons is not the heat you produce in the summer. See ya next fall.

Healing trips call for gratitude.

Dear Beanie,

Thank you for all you are and have always been for me. During the trip there was talk about people in my life who have provided an unfair advantage for my making it through hard times. You are one of those people. I will never EVER forget our conversations, the vulnerability, laughing until we almost crashed into parked cars, things we said/did that are inappropriate to share here :) and of course…. the COCKTAILS. I love you. You’re beautiful inside and out. Let’s go back.

Stazzy (not Ana),

I’m so thankful for you and your friendship. We are conquering the impossible and I don’t think we were meant to do it without each other. Thank you for being a partner in crime, free of judgement and for trusting me with the good, bad and ugly. People like you give me hope for myself (HA!). Our common space is that of understanding and you’ll always have that space with me and mine. You’re beautiful, strong and on your way to amazing things. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you. I love you.


You weren’t on this trip but were a HUGE subject of conversation. My most unfair advantage in life has been your guidance. Since I was a teenager (an annoying one, no doubt), you have always been there to guide me through whatever was going on. Words can’t express what you, your cheerleading and advise have meant to me. I have you to thank for a lot of accomplishments, wisdom and hangovers. Next time. I love you.


I dont know how to not be wrapped up in everything you are working towards right now. You are in a lot of ways, my everything and I admire your grit and persistence no matter the obstacles. When Hayden was born I shifted my work to photography because I wanted to make him proud of me and show him by example that he’s able to do what he loves and make the most of life even if it’s scary sometimes. You are showing me the same thing. I love you.


I don’t think I can address these women in my life with out addressing you. You are my safety net. By choice and chance you have been there for the most intense moments of my life. The death of a second mother to me, the birth of my child, the caregiver for my child when it was most needed, the near death and double transplant of my friend of mine you dont even know, the deaths of Kat and Charlotte last year… it goes on. I think you’re my living guardian angel. Always there. I’m glad we were brought together by a colander in DC almost a decade ago. Thank you for teaching me things like proper southern etiquette while also being willing to run across the street to my house barefoot and pregnant. Thank you for having the same personality as my husband and representing his side of the story (HAHA). You’re beautiful and I love your British husband and your children and their complex accents too. I love you.


Thank you for your support in everything I do. I grew up not knowing I was worthy of love like the love you give me. Your strength, compassion and balancing qualities are what keep me going. Oh also your cooking. I love that. And I love you.

How’s that for healing?

I’m very fortunate to say that there are several other people I could address here. There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with a community of people would love and support you. You all know who you are.

Here is a reel from my iPhone from the trip. Where the real story lyes.

Arizona Travel - Sedona/Devil's Bridge

Every year about this time I find myself in need of some sunshine. We’ve had an amazing spring this year in Washington but I just needed to get away and recenter. I don’t want to sound too basic when I say that… the real truth is it becomes over whelming to balance work/shoot schedules, preschool, swim lessons, wellness checks, dental appointments, two dogs, a business, house maintenance, car maintenance…. the list goes on. Life is overly complicated … mostly because I’m a recovering perfectionist. I’ve gone through a lot of change and heart ache over the last year and a cousin and I decided it was time for some travel therapy.

We decided Phoenix was the meeting spot and knew we would get in a car and drive north … but that’s about all we knew. There were no hotel reservations or an itenerary at all to speak of. That’s exactly how we wanted it.

We drove north and landed in Sedona. This seemed like a gorgeous stop with the right amount of hiking, restaurants and at the very least….palm readers ;) We were down for just about anything that had the tag line “healing” along with it.

Day hikes earn night cocktails so we set off for the ever popular devils bridge. Holy desert textures…..

A Soiree - Event Planning Commercial Shoot

I got to spend the afternoon recently with Amanda Berridge to capture a little bit about her and what she does best. She’s doing something new, exciting and completely in line with her natural gift. I’ve worked with Amanda before with her other businesses and was super honored to be trusted to capture the visual content for her website for A. Soiree (check it out HERE ). If you have an event coming up.. .you need her on your side!

Here’s a look at some content we captured for her bio, and hero images for her site.

An Evening in Hansville, WA

I was lucky enough to get to spend an evening in Hansville as part of a project I’m working to support Kitsap County Tourism. Hansville might be my favorite little town in Kitsap. On a clear day you can see the mountain ranges in every direction. It’s completely beautiful. We recently discovered amazon wood fired pizza at Peninsula Pies. Thank you pizza gods. We sat in the the laid back dining area sampling their menu and browsing the awesome beer and wine list all while looking out at the sunset beaming on the cascades out to the east. We wrapped up the night with a chilly beach walk as the tide came in.


You either love them or haye them…. or so they say. For me, it depends on my mood. I’ve learned to appreciate and love the fact that we have some of the best oysters there are right in our back yard. Here’s a little experiment we did with parsley oil and lemon. It was divine. My goal here was to experiment with telling a story through food photography. Thanks for taking a look!

Day trip to Mount Rainier- November

Before feet and feet of snow settled in we decided to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and get a closer look at Mount Rainier. We usually go to Crystal mountain and ride the gondola up to the restaurant but this time we stayed on the main road to rainier and did a little hiking.

Little Davis - Newborn Lifestyle Session

Davis is as tough as he is cute with a brother and a sister that adore him. I love adding the lifestyle element to a newborn shoot. I feel like it captures the story and emotion of a family’s new addition. Here are the highlights…

Kieran Rhys- Newborn Shoot

And then there were four. Of course I had to get down to Astoria to document the arrival of Kieran Rhys… the latest addition to the Wilson crew. Here are the highlights …

Bourbon time with Beacon Small Batch

Bourbon cocktails are -hands down - my favorite kind of cocktail. So when Amanda, the mastermind behind Beacon Small Batch, called me in for a shoot for some of her bourbon cocktail recipes I was all in. Not kidding - this was the best manhattan I’ve ever had. Everything she does is gold and she really hits it out of the park on her flavors.

I’ve found a true love of shooting food and beverages. Food photography relies on quality ingredients and craftmanship and I’m honored to be trusted to photograph all of this goodness. How lucky are we to have these quality goods right here in Kitsap county? I wanted to share a few of the highlights from our morning styling, shooting and sipping…

Learn more about Beacon, shop their products and get there amazing craft cocktail recipes at