Haubold Family

 I was really nervous about this one..... I usually have pre-shoot nerves but I really wanted this shoot to be extra awesome for this fam. 

My family and I move every few years for Brian's different assignments with the Coast Guard. It's quite the adventure and I've learned to stay on my toes but sometimes constantly starting over  can be tough. We've really come to love the town of Poulsbo and felt right at home really quickly after moving here last summer.

Getting to the point... one of my first impressions of the town was Stacy coming to the door to welcome us to the neighborhood. Her kindness made a lasting impression that we are really thankful for.  

I'm a pretty big fan of the Haubolds. They are from Texas (yessssssss), share my deep belief that queso is an art form, and they put on a heck of a 4th of July show (I see you, Kyle). The shoot was a blast and their wardrobes were ON POINT. We walked around the field, kept it natural and I documented the story as it unfolded. This family is simply gorgeous. 

Stacy, Kyle, Libby and Hunter.... Thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for you. It was a privilege. If you ever need an egg, cup of sugar or want to do karate in the garage, I'm here for you. Looking good ya'll. ;)

Here are some of my favorites from their shoot....