Mother's Day weekend/ Crescent Lake

We are a Coast Guard Family so we live far away from most of our family. Our house is a revolving door of family and friends coming to visit us and see the Pacific Northwest. My parent's planned a trip to see us and spend Mother's day. Now, usually I have a list of him improvement projects that I want them to help me on ...(My dad is good at fixing things around the house and mom is the master of all things design) but I figured it was only right to get them out to one of my favorite places, Crescent Lake. I have spent time out here with my husband and on solo trips. I never get tired of it. We hiked to a nearby waterfall called Marymere Falls. I posted some along the way stuff on my instagram page:  

This is my favorite scene to photograph people in. We live in the one of the most beautiful places in the world and I like to be fully submerged in it as often as possible!