Alpine Lakes Wilderness - Season Opener

My husband and I love nothing more than to get up in the mountains. Having a two year old can make the task challenging but with grandparents willing to fly the little one down for a visit we were eager to get into the back country while we had the free time. 

The Alpine Lakes Wilderness is a place I've spent hours scouring on instagram. The tiny little squares inspired me to make it a priority this season. Now before you go thinking we take ourselves too seriously, we called this trip the "season opener" because we haven't hiked that much or over that terrain in a couple years so we spent the evenings medicating our ailments with beer and freezing river rapids. :) I tell more details of the story on my instagram feed.

So we set off for an adventure with no real plan but it all turned out amazing. My love for the outdoors is a huge part of who I am and something I'll always want to photograph.