Fair Winds Handmade

I've been really excited to share this with you all. I can't believe it's taken me this long to blog about the Fair Winds Handmade commercial shoot I did with the owner Meredith McCall. I'm very fortunate to have been really busy with a growing business over the past few months so no complaints from here. 

Ya'll.... this is my bread and butter. I can't really pick a favorite between taking photographs of people, textures, landscapes and the like but I just naturally have a love for shooting with an eye to create an image for marketing. I love sitting with a business owner or fellow creative entrepreneur over coffee and just spout off ideas and see what happens. This was a super feel good collaboration for sure. 

To give some background, I met Meredith through another client of mine (LOVE THOSE REFERRALS!). After I did Meredith's first family session I learned that she had a business and her product was in such demand that she was ready to do some expanding (fist bump). Fair Winds Handmade has the BEST handmade custom children's clothing.  What makes her designs stand out is her awesome taste in the colors and patterns and the fact that she puts pockets on the dresses so that little girls can put sticks and rocks in their pockets too (double fist bump). Besides that... We just flowed well and seemed to share a lot of the same ideas about the look and feel she was going for to promote her products.

When it comes to commercial photography I start with 1000 questions. It's important to me to get an idea of what marketing direction a business owner is going in as well as the person's back story. When you launch a website you want to give your audience a clear vision on what you're about. This is the first impression most people have of you and your product or service. For me... the photography should be done professionally if you really want to elevate the way your present yourself to the market.  

Meredith is a breeze to work with and I'm super excited about the places she is going. Here are some highlights from our shoot. 

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