Arizona Travel - Sedona/Devil's Bridge

Every year about this time I find myself in need of some sunshine. We’ve had an amazing spring this year in Washington but I just needed to get away and recenter. I don’t want to sound too basic when I say that… the real truth is it becomes over whelming to balance work/shoot schedules, preschool, swim lessons, wellness checks, dental appointments, two dogs, a business, house maintenance, car maintenance…. the list goes on. Life is overly complicated … mostly because I’m a recovering perfectionist. I’ve gone through a lot of change and heart ache over the last year and a cousin and I decided it was time for some travel therapy.

We decided Phoenix was the meeting spot and knew we would get in a car and drive north … but that’s about all we knew. There were no hotel reservations or an itenerary at all to speak of. That’s exactly how we wanted it.

We drove north and landed in Sedona. This seemed like a gorgeous stop with the right amount of hiking, restaurants and at the very least….palm readers ;) We were down for just about anything that had the tag line “healing” along with it.

Day hikes earn night cocktails so we set off for the ever popular devils bridge. Holy desert textures…..