Skagit Valley Daffodil Bloom

I'm a little late but a few week back I got my guys out for a little weekend getaway. I've had my eye on the Skagit Valley since the heaviest of the rain and the darkest days set in. All of that grey makes you a little hungry for some color, ya know? I'm shamelessly in love with fresh flowers and this is THE MOTHER LOAD. 

We headed out on a Saturday afternoon and arrived just before the sun set. The daffodils were in bloom and created the most beautiful backdrop to get some snaps of Hayden in. 

There is plenty else to do while you're in town. Here's what I learned along the way. 

  • The are quite a few great breweries in the area. 
  •  The half hour drive to Bellingham is WAY worth it. Our favorite is Aslan Brewing
  • Roozengarde is the farm I have visited but there are others such as tulip town. 
  • There is a bloom map which updates almost daily to let you know the status of the bloom (with pics!)
  • Bring sturdy shoes that you don't mind getting a little muddy. 
  • Roozengaarde lets you walk the field border but you are not allowed to "walk the rows". They do a pretty good job of spreading the word on this but I thought I'd help out and share here too :)

There is a ton more to explore in this really cool town of Mount Vernon. I'll be out a couple more times for sessions this season and can't wait to share with you all! 

There are a couple more sessions available if you'd like to inquire shoot me a note or ring me. 

Now for the photo bit...